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Wifi IC SW 339S0205 For iPhone 5S






  • Lead solder balls' melting point is 180?, 210?-215? is the best melting temperature.
  • Lead Free solder balls' melting point is 217?, 235?-245? is the best melting temperature.
  • The temperatures listed above are the chip's solder balls actual temperatures (they are measured by the measuring wire on the BGA machine), but not the temperatures from the BGA rework station's top bottom heat guns.
  • If soldering a new Lead solder balls chip with Lead-Free temperature curve (profile), it will overheat the new chip.
  • If soldering a new Lead-Free solder balls chip with Lead temperature curve (profile), it will not completely melt the lead frees older balls on the new chip.
  • Please make sure you have advanced soldering skill to solder the chips that you will order from us.